Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this study and survey?
The purpose of this study is to explore outcomes of nonprofit education programs.  We would like to understand what type of individuals are getting degrees in this area, the return on investment of these degrees, and the value of these degrees to the individual, their organizations, and the communities in which they serve.

Who is responsible for implementing this study?
The research is being implemented by Amanda J. Stewart of North Caroline State University, Kerry Kuenzi of Georgia Southern University, and Marlene Walk of Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis.  Learn more about the researchers here.

Who is invited to participate in this study?
The survey will be implemented during summer 2017 to graduates of three universities based in the United States that have master degree programs in nonprofit management and philanthropic studies.  Survey participants will be invited to participate in the survey by either their university program or the team of researchers.

How will my responses and the survey’s findings be used?
The results of this research will be presented at conferences and published in academic journals. The results of this project will be coded in such a way that the respondent’s identity will not be attached to any report of this study. The researchers retain the right to use and publish non-identifiable data. While individual responses are confidential, aggregate data will be presented representing averages or generalizations about the responses as a whole. All data will be stored in a secure location accessible only to the researchers. Data linking you personally to the study will be destroyed and data identifying you will be stored in password- protected electronic format under the care of Kerry Kuenzi in the Institute for Public and Nonprofit Studies at Georgia Southern University.

What is the compensation for submitting a survey response?
Participants in this study will not be compensated. However, participants who provide contact emails at the end of the survey will be entered into a drawing for the following seven awards:

  • First Prize – $100 VISA gift card (1 winner)
  • Second Prize – $50 VISA gift card (2 winners)
  • Third Price – $25 VISA gift card (4 winners)